“I just had my Poseidon Pure Solutions water treatment system installed yesterday. I am very happy with my new unit. I made my green tea this morning and it looked and tasted great!—NOT GREY! Even the instant coffee tastes better. The water softener is small but effective. The R/O system replenishes water quickly. Even the birds seem to like it!
Robin J.”

“To Whom it May Concern,
It was a pleasure to meet a qualified technician from Poseidon and invite them into my home to learn about our water system. It didn’t feel like it was a sales pitch. The technician was quite knowledgeable about water treatment and had their own passion and excitement about their products. The technician was very personable and charming and made me feel at ease. They kept me interested in the ways and satisfied all my concerns and questions. Poseidon Pure Solutions was great in making sure all was well in following up after the installation was complete. I’m sure Poseidon will succeed in these ways with all of their customers.
Kathy Santos”

“To Whom it May Concern,
A qualified technician from Poseidon Pure Solutions was invited to come into the house to discuss the new water system. I was interested in the product, believing the system was worth purchasing. The installation was quick and done well and thesystem has been working to my contentment. The water has no aftertaste or bad smell. I believe it is good for my health and my skin. My two pets seem to be drinking more water also.
Heather Fourmier”

“A qualified technician for Poseidon Pure Solutions sold me a salt water softener system that I think is wonderful. The technician went through all the steps, showing me what was in my water, telling me the health factors. He also informed me of how much better I would feel without all the chlorine that is in our water and how much softer my skin and hair would feel. After the installer came and installed the equipment, the job was complete and I was left to enjoy. The one thing that impressed me is the fact that if I move, Poseidon will move my drinking system once at no cost to a new location!
Edna Dickson”

“A beautiful young technician visited my home just last week to inform me of a new water product that her company was launching. Not only was the young lady knowledgeable about her company and its products but she had a wealth of knowledge concerning our water supply and enlightened my husband and I during her
visit. After listening to the presentation, there was no question that our health would benefit by having these products in our home. We were extremely impressed by the efficiency and helpfulness by the technician and Poseidon Pure Solutions. She answered all of our questions and walked us through every step and our equipment came the very next day! We could never go back to drinking tap water.
Thank you so much!
Sarah and Pete Patterson”

“I had a technician into my home to educate me on my water and my options. The technician was very knowledgeable about water treatment and the quality of water in our town and she made the program very easy and interesting. It was an absolute pleasure to have her and it is an absolute pleasure to have the products from Poseidon Pure Solutions in my home. The installation was quick and well done and my system has been making ORANGE tea every day since!
Samantha Barns”

“When the technician arrived I explained that I already had a working water treatment system in my home. She smiled brightly and asked if she could make sure it was working properly and explain her system as well. I saw no harm so I welcomed the young woman into my home. She was vibrant and knowledgeable and explained things about my system that not even the sales rep had done. It turned out that my systems worked just fine but I wanted to learn how her products from Poseidon were better. She casually explained the variances and differences and left her sales pitch at the door. Based on her knowledge and the quality of her products, I invested in Poseidon Pure solutions and removed the systems that were already in my home. I have never looked back since. The difference has been astonishing.
Not only do they have fantastic products but their customer service is uncanny! I cannot believe the service and care from Poseidon and its technicians!
Gary Dunbar”

“To Whom it May Concern,
I would recommend the Poseidon Water System to anyone who cares about their health. It is something that definitely protects our health. I notice, as a big veggie eater, that my vegetables taste so much better being cooked in clean water. I am a big tea drinker as well and I don’t know how I was drinking tea before
getting my system because my tea tastes so much better—and there is no staining! My son has a system too and is protecting his family’s health as well. I can’t imagine anyone choosing anything except clean water!
W. Kelly”

“This is a testimonial for the Poseidon Pure Solutions Water System, my wife was told by her oncologist, who also has cancer, that she needed this system. He said that we would be shocked at what was in our water since most of it can cause cancer. He gave us the name of the this company, Poseidon. We phoned a good friend of ours to ask if he knew of the company and it turns out he was the installer for Poseidon! We were dumbfounded when he showed us the condition of our water. My wife looked at me and we both asked how much, to be honest we didn’t really care about the price. The system was installed the next day . We love nice, clean water, our tea looks like real tea now. My wife is already feeling better. Trust me, if you wonder why you don’t feel up to par or worry about what you put into your body, you NEED this system. Poseidon Pure Solutions will amaze you and you will start FEELING BETTER after a week or so, that I will promise you!


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