About Us

Treating each other, our water and our environment with respect and appreciation.

Poseidon Pure Solutions has over twenty years of experience in the water quality industry. Our knowledge spans from experitise about water treatment facilities to the bottled water industry to privately owned well water systems. Poseidon Pure Solutions is proud to say that we have proven industry leading products and technologies as well as the highest rated water treatment systems in the residential market place.

Our main goal as a company is to educate our clients on the quality of water in their home or business. It is our policy to cover as many water quality issues as possible. Our team of water quality specialists are fully trained and qualified to assess and treat any water quality conditions our clients may be facing. Whether it’s a sediment filter paired with a carbon filter or the need for pure balanced water, here at Poseidon we will suite our customers needs


Toll Free: 1(855) 533-PURE (7873)
Alternative: 1(705) 242-7887