Canada’s Water

We are fortunate in Canada to have been able to enjoy and reap the benefits of one of the most abundant supplies of fresh water in the entire world and have also taken advantage of some of the greatest drinking water on our beautiful earth. Unfortunately, we are now becoming more and more aware of certain issues surrounding the quality of water entering our homes.

Today, we are facing multiple issues where our water is concerned. Distress of agricultural and industrial run off and pharmaceutical contamination plaguing our water sources, as well as concerns of contamination due to lead, heavy metals and chlorine by-products are arising in our daily water supplies more and more often.

Our water, which at one time seemed to be one of purity and massive abundance is now considered both problematic and limited. Our cities work hard to ensure that our drinking water is microbiologically safe for us to drink however, the long term health effects due to the exposure of man-made contaminants and chemicals are now being called into question.

Please allow us to offer some links for your own education:

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